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P R O D U C T S 24 Hot Runner Technology Controller Can Monitor Hundreds of Zones SISE Plastics Control Systems, Inc. has a new generation of multizone con- trollers (MV3), which can control up to 336 zones. It comes in five platforms (XS, S, M, L and XL) with three available power cards (2.5A, 15A and 30A) that are adaptable to a variety of markets, including the packaging, automotive, cosmetics, medical and technical parts industries. SISE designed the controllers with 10" and 15" displays that use a Linux-based software. SISE says that the controller has easily accessible power and ther- mocouple cards on removable pivoting shelves. The new generation functions include four soft starts, zone grouping, PTI function for thermocouple anomalies, Moldscan for real-time hot runner diagnostics, and ma- terial leak detection. The system is programmed with options for 11 languages and offers unlimited mold file memory. The MV3 offers communication with IMM's and can save and monitor production temperatures, adher- ing to the Industry 4.0 strategy that accompanies new intelligent installations. SISE Plastics Control Systems Inc. / 404-495-5968 / Hot Sprue Nozzle Has Two Heaters for Thermoplastic Resin Processing OSCO Inc. Runnerless Molding Systems has a new 35 Series hot sprue nozzle (HSN-35) that is designed to fit 3/4" bores and is engineered to process virtually any thermoplastic resin, such as Peek, LCP, Ultem, Nylon and other high heat resins that are filled or unfilled. Two new heater designs charac- terize the HSN-35. A new compression cover to the head heater maintains thermal properties in the locating ring area. The second heater is for the tip. It is brass-embedded, and Osco says that it provides an excellent thermal condition at the tip area. Osco says that the HSN-35 enables easy implementation of hot runners, one sprue at a time, in either a retrofit or new mold application. Osco has dozens of nozzles that fit into either the 3/4" or 1" clearance bores. OSCO Inc. Runnerless Molding Systems / 248-852-7310 / Nozzle Made for Molding in Tight Spaces Incoe Corporation says that its new DF 12 nozzle has a tight installation space, the option to obtain very long nozzles and an optimal temperature profile. Its reduced outer dimensions and simplified mold cut-out work with the design of the patented MultiPower heater. Through its mono-block construction, the heater offers thermal control over the entire length of the nozzle and for the injection molder. The heater provides processing condi- tions with only two heating zones that range up to 625 mm. Incoe says that the nozzle's heater is easy-to-handle and to replace, and that it contains fully integrated heating wires and interchangeable thermocouples. The nozzle was designed for molding in tight spaces with gates deep in the mold where injecting occurs. Incoe Corporation / 248-616-0220 / Needle Valve System without Control Unit Meets Quality Requirements The servo driven FLEXflow One needle valve systems for hot runner nozzles from HRSflow have a simple driver module that is designed to replace an otherwise necessary control unit. This module comes with a default setting that fully opens and closes the needle. Using an External Smart Interface (ESI) that is connected for this purpose, needle stroke and velocity can be individually set for specific applications, even when there are multiple steps. Technicians can individually program as many as 24 valve pins per system using this ESI. HRSflow says that once these parameters have been saved in the driver module, the system is ready to produce high-quality molded parts consis- tently without a control unit. As an additional safety factor, the needle valve system comes with a maximum torque for the servomotor when manufacturing occurs. When the maximum torque value is reached, the electronics shut down to prevent dam- age to the hot runner system and mold. The FLEXflow One system is connected with a Safety Interface Box (SIB) that communicates with the injection molding machine's controller, which is designed to ensure safe working conditions. HRSflow says that the FLEXflow One needle valve system does not re- quire an additional control unit for operation. The company says that it provides high-quality part performance, reduces clamp force, has a wider process window, ensures the reliability and repeatability of the process, and has the same connection from the IMM for the sequential control as traditional hydraulic and pneumatic hot runners. HRSflow / 519-973-0212 /

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