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P R O D U C T S 22 Hot Runner Technology Controller Has Touch Screen for Quick Information Access Orycon Hot Runner Systems introduces the T-500 Hot Runner Controller. The controller architecture is based on cards of six zones each. Orycon says that a touch screen with fast response, high resolution graphics provides an intuitive operator interface. A zoom screen provides access to detailed information for each individual zone, including amp draw, percentage of power being used, set point and ac- tual temperature, plus any existing alarm condition. The zoom screen enables quick changes like switching operating mode or set point or turning the zone on and off. The display has a setting to show cavities in the oval and manifold zones in rectangular-shaped windows. Orycon says this gives the operator a first glance indication of the zone function that is easy for the eyes to spot. A set-up screen provides setting choices for J or K thermocouples, the length of warm-up time, the maximum settable temperature, the boost time, the decrease in temperature when the unit is in the park mode and the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit format. The user can also field cal- ibrate the unit by following a simple procedure so as to meet ISO or other regulation requirements. Communications with the press are standard and the user can predeter- mine response to press alarms or hot runner anomalies at set-up. Response options include turning on a stack light, sounding a horn or turning off a single zone or the entire controller. Orycon Hot Runner Systems / 732-922-2400 / Hot Runner Cleaning System Uses Sand for a Safer, Less Caustic Scrub The main component of the hot runner cleaning system by Alliance Laser Sales Inc. is an insulated reactor that contains sand particles. The sand is heated to over 850°F and brought to a bubbling, fluidized state by injecting air from the bottom. A flame shield at the bed surface directly heats the reactor so as to achieve the extreme temperature. Alliance Laser says that it is not turbulent enough to be abrasive on the parts. According to the company, the sand gently scrubs, vaporizes and burns off the organic ma- terial from the surface, which leaves the metal clean and undamaged. The fluidized sand ensures that the parts are subjected to an even temperature profile to avoid distortion of any kind. The old plastic is thermally degraded within the sand bed and the flame shield oxidizes the toxic gases at the bed surface. The sand particles abrade inorganic particles and blows them out of the sand bed where a filter system captures them. Alliance Laser says that the cleaning system cleans steel parts without incurring damage, uses environmentally friendly stripping technology, functions without acids or stripping chemicals, can safely remove plastics, rubber, paint, grease and other contaminants, has fast turnaround times and performs consistently. Alliance Laser Sales Inc. / 847-487-1945 / Hot Runner Certification Deepens Knowledge and Sharpens Skill Studies by hot runner makers show that 60–75 percent of all molds that are built today incorporate a hot runner system. The MoldTrax Hot Runner Certi- fication course gives attendees a better understanding of typical hot runner components and critical areas in maintenance. The course also covers the situ- ations that warrant project management and how often that should occur, and it covers the effects of heat expansion. Other topics include bench techniques for work on hot runners, strategies for safety and strategies for minimizing mistakes that cause systems to be "flooded" or "encapsulated." The course covers electrical issues like heater and thermocouple testing, removal and replacement and the proper use and care of cables, connectors and controllers. The Moldtrax training includes input from industry experts who have been designing, cleaning, repairing and running all types of hot runner systems for decades. The level of training for each attendee is evaluated by asking the attendee questions to assess his or her skill level so that Moldtrax can assign each student an appropriate system on which to work. Moldtrax has a variety of systems from different manufacturers to challenge the apprentice and the veteran repair technician alike. Working in two-man teams, attendees will completely disassemble, troubleshoot and correct electrical issues and then ultrasonically clean, reassemble and retest their molds. MoldTrax / 419-281-0790 /

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