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P R O D U C T S 20 Hot Runner Technology Technology Removes Cosmetic Flaws on Sequentially Filled Parts Synflow technology by Synventive Molding Solutions retains all of the functionality of previous versions. Synflow helps molders eliminate cos- metic defects on sequentially filled parts that are caused by sudden flow front accelerations and stagnations created when the delayed pins open. Synventive plans to release the third generation of Synflow late in 2017. Synventive says it has improved Synflow's functionality, performance and user experience. With Synflow, it is now possible to stop the pin and hold it at any position mid-stroke, which enables individual flow rate control of each nozzle to balance family molds or to fill complex multi-gated geometries. Synflow can program alternating opening profiles, which offers the ability to pre-fill cold runners or to create differential packing within complex multi-gated parts. Synventive says that it is easy to upgrade to Synflow after molding parts. The company also says that Synflow Technology installs and starts running in minutes. All Synventive valve gated hot runners can come stan- dard with SVG+, which includes position sensors that enable the simple Synflow upgrade. Synventive Molding Solutions / 978-750-8065 / Interchangeable Nozzles Suitable for Common Thermoplastics Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG now has the smartFILL single nozzles from PSG. By using this nozzle, the melt is tempered homogeneously to the injected part. Different types of gating are possible with the interchangeable nozzle tips, which makes the smartFILL nozzles suitable for a wide range of applications and all common thermoplastics with and without fillers. The heating technology provides heat transfer into the plastic. A dif- ferentiated power distribution guarantees a homogeneous temperature profile on the entire nozzle length. Meusburger says that both the heater and the thermocouple can be changed easily and quickly because of the intelligent clip lock. The streamlined melt channel enables melt exchange by preventing Gating Solutions Increase Productivity and Eliminate Cold Runners Husky Injection Molding Systems launched the Ultra Helix valve gate, which Husky says the Ultra Helix valve gate will last as long as the other parts of the mold. The Ultra Helix valve gates can last for millions of cycles, which increases productivity and lowers cost. Husky says that when combining the Ultra Helix valve gate with the Ultra Sync-E hot runner and Altanium controller, customers have achieved more than 15 million cycles without the need for gate or nozzle maintenance. And, with the Ultra Helix, it is possible to replace a nozzle tip without having to repair or change the cavity. Husky's Ultra SideGate technology is designed to eliminate cold runners. Husky says that the Ultra SideGate eliminates complex assembly steps that, if done incorrectly, can lead to plastic leakage. Additionally, the Ultra SideGate does not require any software and procedures that are usually as- sociated with side gates. With Husky's new Ultra SideGate Inline, it is now possible for users to control the temperature at each tip. Husky Injection Molding Systems / 802-859-8000 / dead spots in the melt flow. It also ensures a low shear stress of the melt as well as high quality color changing. Meusburger says that the nozzle's tips are highly wear-resistant and easily exchangeable, and that they can be used for different materials and applications like direct gating or gating to sub-manifold. The nozzle length always remains the same even with dif- ferent gating types. Meusburger also says that the nozzle installs easily. The high strength and corrosion-resistant nozzle body is inserted in the cavity plate and fixed by the clamping plate or the locating ring. The partitioning and re-merging of the melt takes place in the hot zone of the nozzle, which reduces the development of flow lines and thus serves to improve the opti- cal and mechanical quality of the parts. Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG / 43 5574 67060 /

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