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October 2017 13 FIGURE 3: Removing a manifold may require extra force to break the plastic connection between the nozzles and the manifold feed channels, if the nozzles are bolted to the manifold plate. If the nozzles are not bolted to the nozzle plate, they may remain attached to the manifold, as shown here. that manifolds fail because of the way we put them to- gether, not because of the way we take them apart. 4 Read the feedback from your hands and tools. For example, some root causes of manifold leaks include nozzles that fit tightly into bores, manifolds that rock (or do not sit flatly) after being reset onto nozzles and dowel pins that are not properly lined up or engaged. 4 Torque the manifold bolts to manufacturer specifi- cations. If those are not available, then use stan- dard torque settings for Specification according to American standard Sets up the hot runner system simply, rapidly and conveniently. - User-friendly operation via a touch screen display – Individual zone and group settings – Data export and import via USB interface – Direct help menu for error messages – Up to 96 control zones Multi hot runner control unit H 1248 /. . . I control with an overview.

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