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Precision Center Methods Tooling Methods is your go-to resource for all tooling and machine tool accessory needs. Our tooling group provides a broad range of technologically advanced workholding and tooling solutions that are engineered to drive productivity, profitability and ROI on your manufacturing capital investment. No machine tool is one-size-fits-all, so we take the time to understand your needs and goals in order to engineer the best custom solution for your business. Accessories Methods offers a wide array of high quality accessories and ancillary products at competitive prices to make your machines more profitable. ▪ Barfeeders: Single, Magazine, and Bundle ▪ Rotary Tables: 4 Axis and 5 Axis Tilt Rotary ▪ High Pressure Coolant Systems and Chillers ▪ Pallet Shuttles ▪ Chip Conveyors: Hinge, Magnetic, and Filtered ▪ Probing Systems ▪ Tool Presetters Precision Machining Center A newly renovated space within our Acton facility, the 4,000 square foot temperature controlled laboratory will be home to some of our highest precision machines, dedicated to solving the most critical manufacturing challenges for today's discerning customer. This attention to detail is to maintain total control of tight tolerance testing and to develop new cutting techniques. ▪ 36 inch thick concrete pads using 5000 psi concrete reinforced with 5/8" diameter rebar, isolated and bordered with vibration damping material. ▪ State of the art climate control system which will maintain temperature to +/- 1° while completely recycling air in and out of the room every 3 minutes. ▪ Multiple sensors on every wall monitor real time temperature and humidity within in the room at all times. ▪ Pressure Sensors both inside and outside the room to monitor pressure and feed data to the system to make necessary adjustments to keep the room properly pressurized. ▪ Air lock entrance with electronic key card access to keep the environment in the room stable and clean. ▪ Natural gas fired backup generator to power the climate control system and maintain the environment in the room even during power outages. ABOUT METHODS 8

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