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Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry, Co. | Ishikawa, Japan | Founded 1949 Multi-tasking Turning Centers Premier Multi-Tasking Turning Centers Known for their innovative designs and as the fi rst to introduce multi-tasking, Nakamura- Tome produces machines for a wide range of industries; including automotive, medical, aerospace, and defense. Known for accuracy, reliability, and ease of operation, they have established a fi rm position as a leader in the machine tool industry. Nakamura-Tome is the premier multi-tasking turning center manufacturer, offering over 20 twin spindle machine confi gurations. From raw stock to complete parts in one set-up, Nakamura-Tome multi-tasking machines offer: ▪ High Productivity ▪ Rigidity with Speed ▪ High Effi ciency and Accuracy ▪ Reduced Cycle Times ▪ Maximum User Effi ciency 14

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