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The YASDA Solution Finnie spoke to several of his contacts in the moldmaking industry who had purchased other 5-Axis machines, but they were not accurate enough for what he needed. Then he spoke to another friend who happened to also be a moldmaking expert who had invested in a YASDA. YASDA has a superior reputation in the industry as being an extremely accurate machine. Finnie had heard YASDA referred to as, "the mother of all machines." "I had a candid conversation with my friend about YASDA. He said, 'If you want to take off a tenth, that YASDA will do it all day,'" Finnie said. "He gave me his reassurance the YASDA machine would hold the extreme tolerances required for molding silicone." At Methods' Technology Center in Sudbury, MA there was the exact YASDA machine that Finnie needed — the YASDA YBM Vi40. The YASDA YBM Vi40 5-Axis Vertical CNC Jig Boring-Milling Machine offered the exceptionally high accuracy M.R. Mold needed. The YBM Vi40 includes a simultaneous 5-Axis cone machining circularity of 2.32 µm, 0.89 µm positioning accuracy of the Y-Axis, and indexing accuracies of ± 0.50 sec on the B-Axis and ± 0.20 sec on the C-Axis. A 24,000 RPM, 40-taper direct-drive spindle offers a high degree of precision throughout the entire speed range. To reduce thermal distortion and achieve the highest precision 5-Axis machining, including over long production runs, the YBM Vi40 features a thermal distortion stabilizing system where the X-Y-Z Axes and two rotational axes (B/C) are maintained to +/- 0.2 degrees C to shop ambient. Circulating temperature-controlled oil through the machine minimizes thermal displacement of each axis. A highly rigid and accurate rotary B/C-Axis mounted on the Y-Axis machine bed controls movement and offers extraordinary machining stability, even when adding up to 400 lbs. of weight including the fixture and part. Proof is in the Molding "Seventy percent of the molds we build have complex geometry, and the capabilities of the YASDA 5-Axis enabled us to increase our already finite capabilities. The YBM Vi40 produces surface finishes which meet extremely tight tolerances and do not require secondary finishing operations, making complete net shape machining in one operation possible. In addition, the machine offers 5-sided machining in a single set-up," said Finnie. The machine saved M.R. Mold 40 extra set-up hours and 40 hours of machining and polishing time on a recent mold that was built. "We spend less time relieving cutters because the machine rotates with the cut, so the cutters stay away from the side walls more. The cutter radius is more in contact with the material instead of the tips of the cutters, so the tool lasts longer. It also helps on cutter chatter, so we get better finishes. The ability to machine undercut cavities has also eliminated costly EDM work," said M.R. Molds' YASDA Operator Mike Phillips. "We realized a 75% reduction of hours on a stress ball cavity and core we recently built," Finnie added. "The 5-Axis mill allows us to reach all sides of a workpiece in one operation, including getting at difficult areas with shorter cutters, due to the ability to rotate the workpiece. In the past we needed to make numerous set-ups and fixtures. We do not have to make nearly as many set-ups," Finnie continued. "We also just purchased a robot for the machine and palletized tooling, providing automation that will propel our productivity and throughput even further. Our goal is to go fully lights out. " Most importantly, holding tight flash tolerances, which was one of M.R. Mold's biggest difficulties, is now a thing of the past thanks to the YASDA YBM Vi40. 13

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